Cannuli’s Quality Meats & Poultry is the Philadelphia area’s largest retail seller of whole hogs, slow-roasted to utter perfection in our specialized ovens here in the Italian Market or sold fresh for you to cook which ever way you choose (please visit our “How To Roast A Whole Hog” page – click here). Why is Cannuli’s so famous for whole roasted pigs? Owner Charles Cannuli Jr. is a perfectionist when it comes to prepping his roasted pigs; we use our own, secret “Essence of Cannuli’s” Seasoning Mix to season the hogs and Charlie himself either personally prepares or oversees every one before they go to our ovens. We offer bone-in pigs or, if you wish, boneless and stuffed to capacity with tender pork loins. What a meal! What a party! What a feast for the senses!! Tender, delicious and a sight for the eyes: this is THE party pleaser without equal. For your very next special occasion give Charlie a call at 215-922-2988. If you like, he’ll show you the pig you ordered and take you in the back to see our specialized ovens (do we put them to work!). Look over our pricing list below and decide how large of a pig you need for your guests. Call Charlie Jr. and he can help you figure out what will best suit your needs.


40 lb   $ XXX.XX
50 lb   $ 293.00
60 lb   $ 303.00
70 lb   $333.00
75 lb   $ 343.00
80 lb   $ 363.00
90 lb   $ 383.00
100 lb   $ 403.00
110 lb   $ 423.00
120 lb   $ 433.00
125 lb   $ 448.00
130 lb   $ 453.00
140 lb   $ 473.00
150 lb   $ 498.00

ROLLS ($6.99 a dozen)