Our Fresh Poultry Products


As with all the fine meat products Cannuli’s offers, when it comes to poultry, “FRESH” is our middle name! And with poultry that is SO important. You can be confident that anything you purchase from our Poultry Department (an entire store right next door!) — from tender turkeys to tasty chicken livers — is the very freshest you can buy. And “FRESH” means wholesomeness, full flavor and peace of mind. Stop by our poultry store and take home the best — for your family, your dinner guests or just yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

holiday turkey

And at Cannuli’s poultry store, you’ll find not only whole broiler/fryer chickens, roasting chickens, chicken and turkey parts, fresh chicken livers, fabulous turkeys, eggs, butter, etc., etc. — items you would find at most any poultry store — but also chicken and turkey chops, ground turkey, classic thin-sliced chicken cutlets, smoked Turkey Tom Sticks (like SlimJims®), TurkeyJerky, turkey kilbasa, turkey liverwurst, turkey Canadian bacon, not to mention our own famous freshly-made Italian turkey sausage (hot or mild – turkey sage sausage, too), marinated cajun chicken breast (spicy!), boneless, marinated chicken thighs in butter & garlic, and more!

So come on by and see Charles Anthony, our experienced poultry man. He’ll be happy to help you!