Cannuli’s Tasty Lamb

Besides being a delicious treat and flavorful break from the beef and poultry routine, American Lamb is a versatile red meat that suits many of the “low-carb” & “high-protein” diets that are popular today. Lamb is a particularly tender meat and all the joints can be roasted. This is because lambs are slaughtered before their connective tissues become tough, so the tissues dissolve easily in the meat’s natural moisture during cooking.

Naturally raised and fed, lamb offers meat of unmatched flavor and quality, considered the healthiest there is.

Lamb is not a lean meat, which is why it is so tasty. Every so often, just for the sheer pleasure of it, we need to eat exceptionally flavorful meat. And yet lamb is not as fat as you might think, since 3.5 oz. of cooked lamb contains fewer than 250 calories, and its nutritional values are noteworthy: lamb is a good source of protein, rich and balanced in essential amino acids which cannot be synthesized by the body and which therefore have to be obtained from our food. What’s more, lamb contains important amounts of vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, eating lamb is an enjoyable way of supplying our body with vitamins B12 and PP, as well as the iron and zinc it needs.

At Cannuli’s, we sell Fresh American Lamb . . . and we mean fresh!

So whether you’re looking for lamb chops, shoulder, patties, leg of lamb, even lamb ribs and necks, come on in to Cannuli’s and we’ll treat you right and save you some money while we’re at it!