Cannuli’s Great Value Pricing

Here at Cannuli’s Quality Meats & Poultry we have great value pricing on all of our top quality products, all year long, day in and day out. We do not lose money on any of the foods we sell (called “Loss Leaders” in supermarket terminology) and then go and jack up the prices on many other items, to more than make up the loss. Cannuli’s prices are stable and very affordable all thru the year. We believe that in the long run you will actually come out ahead and save money by shopping with us, instead of playing the supermarket game (read: rat race, farce), waiting to catch a desired item on sale and maybe going from supermarket to supermarket. You’ll spend time, effort and maybe gas (all of which equal money) for things that sometimes are Just. Not. There. (Get a rain check,!!) For all your meat and poultry needs Cannuli’s can be your trusted & affordable one-stop Source.

Cannuli’s has a great “sale” every single day, all year long,!

Even better than our low prices is the real value you’ll find here. The consistent high quality and variety our customers demand simply can’t be beat. Cannuli’s is a trusted Italian Market butcher shop, since 1927 — a virtual institution in the Philly area — and, God willing, we plan on being here for you for many years to come. You can be ever confident that the products you purchase from Cannuli’s are the freshest, most healthful, safe and delicious foods you can buy for your family. We guarantee it.

We heartily invite you to experience a smarter, economical, less stressful approach to shopping for meats and poultry. It’s not a new way, for it’s been the Cannuli way ever since we first opened our doors.

Friendly, Personal Attention

Which reminds us of an old copy of National Geographic we came across the other day. In an article entitled, “The England of Charles Dickens” (you know, the author of A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, Great Expectations, and many other wonderful books), there was a photo of a London butcher shop with fresh meats on trays and poultry galore hanging from above in rows. The nice gentleman in the white butcher’s coat, very likely the proprietor, is standing, fresh chicken in hand, leaning forward in a congenial posture while speaking with his customer, a short English lady with a scarf on her head. It’s a great looking shot. The caption reads: “In Kentish Town, a London community, plump turkeys and chickens festoon a butcher’s shop where customers still receive personal attention.” [Speaking of chickens, here’s a Cannuli’s CashQuiz* answer: newborn chicks come out of the eggshell all fuzzy at first, not smooth like the farm image on the Poultry page.]

That was the April, 1974 issue of National Geographic, reflecting over the way things used to be way back in Charles Dickens’ day in the 1800’s. Yet to this day, here in The City of Brotherly Love, we still give all of our customers that same personal attention and genuine concern about the meats and poultry they purchase.

Enter our store at 937-39 S. 9th Street and you’ll be greeted by our friendly and helpful counter people, knowledgeable butchers and the owners too. We even use the traditional butcher shop saw dust on the floor. Shopping at Cannuli’s is good for the nerves, comforting to the mind and easy on the pocketbook.

So come on in today for a taste of the premiere old-school butcher shop. Or call us at 215-922-2988. We aim to win you as a steady and happy customer.