Beef is the meat that Americans love to eat, especially for dinner (“Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner”). That’s why Cannuli’s Quality Meats & Poultry carefully chooses popular cuts of beef from its purveyors, with an eye toward quality and freshness. We sell an awful lot of beef here at Cannuli’s, so we cut a lot of beef here daily, which means it’s always the freshest you can buy.

Whether celebrating at home or going out to a steakhouse, you know that America’s favorite beef is steak (with the hamburger trailing just behind). Cannuli’s carries porterhouse and T-bone, sirloin, NY strip, London broil, butter steak, roasts, the classic center cut filet mignon, even beef teriyaki steak, and more. We also have the very flavorful certified Black Angus chuck, which can be cut as steaks or roasts; although chuck is never as tender as some cuts, this Black Angus chuck is the tastiest!Cannuli’s also carries beef sausage, all-beef hot dogs, beef jerky (turkey jerky, too), ox tails, and many other tasty beef products.

Love that Veal!

Now for Italians — we mean Italians who live in Italy — veal is one of the most popular meats. Truth is, Italians generally do not eat much beef at all, as compared to veal. And in the States, in larger metropolitan areas where you’ll find plenty of Italian-Americans, veal is also quite popular (but not so much as beef, of course!). Here in the Philadelphia/So. Jersey/Delaware area, with all nationalities, but especially with those of Italian desent, veal is a very popular item for such favorites as veal parmigiana (with or without eggplant), veal scallopini, veal stew, braised veal shanks (ossobuco), veal cutlets, roasted & stuffed breast of veal, veal loin chops, medallions and more. And some folks wouldn’t think of making meatloaf or meatballs without the classic mixture of beef, pork and veal!

So whether you’re in the market for good beef or veal, you can be confident that Cannuli’s will please you with the highest quality, tastiest meats available.