The Cannuli Story

A Little Bit of Italy, Grade A Product & Old Fashioned Service.!

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Cannuli’s “House of Pork,” a family legacy of 88 years and counting, has been passed from generation to generation. Domenic Cannuli, an immigrant from Italy, started it all in 1927. He opened a small butcher shop in the “Italian Market” and sold quality meats for forty years. In 1969, Domenic’s two sons, Anthony and Charles, took over the business and moved across the street to a larger property to accommodate their many customers. The business became “Cannuli Brothers” and their continued success led to immense growth. In 1991, Charles Domenic Cannuli Jr., grandson of Domenic, took ownership, diversified and opened a poultry store next door to the “House of Pork.”
These days the business is called Cannuli’s Quality Meats & Poultry, in order to reflect our diverse array of top quality meat products. Our loyal customers demand the best in a full line of freshly cut beef and commodity beef products, fresh veal, lamb, poultry, tasty turkey alternatives (like turkey chops and turkey jerky), fresh and smoked “variety meats” and traditional soul food ingredients, and, of course, pork, and lots of it. (some would say “famous”), top-selling Cannuli’s specialties such as our very own Cannuli-seasoned and marinated Roast Pork (Oven-Ready and out of this world!) our own secret-seasoned Italian Pork Sausage (Sage and Turkey Sausage, too); delicious Sliced Roast Pork, in its own natural juice gravy; and our specialty, Whole Roasted Pigs, boneless and super-stuffed with pork loins, slow-roasted to tender & tasty perfection (we sell ‘em fresh, too, for that Big BBQ Cookout ).

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