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In the Heart of the Italian Market
937-39 S. 9th Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19147
Tues thru Fri 9am-5:30 / Sat 8am-5:30
Sun 8am-1:30 / Mon Closed

Tender and delicious steak that just melts in your mouth, lamb chops like butter, veal to die for, a full line of the best pork around, even Black Angus steak — talk about flavor! All at prices that are easy on the budget. How does Charlie Cannuli do it? He knows the secrets of expert butchery. He chooses just the right meats from his well established purveyors, and demands the highest quality at the lowest prices (which often brings a better cut of meat to his customers at no additional cost: Like Premium Angus Beef instead of plain old chuck). And Charlie will custom cut you a mouth watering fillet steak you will never forget!